This CD teaches three powerful thought stopping techniques which will enable you to reduce stress and anxiety by putting out of your mind troublesome thoughts and worries.

As you know, you can't not think about something because you have to remember what it is you are trying not to think about in order not to think about it! Got it? Try not to think about your left foot now and you'll see what I mean.

However, you'll find that your brain will let you put things out of your mind providing you store them somewhere safe instead of trying to get rid of them.


The Tomorrow Box is a technique to put out of your mind short term worries which don't need action by you today. You can also use it at the end of the day to tidy up your mind; to put to rest, gain respite from, the unfinished business of the day, stuff you can't do anything about until tomorrow.

The Tomorrow Box is also very helpful when you wake up in the night. You can put the stuff keeping you awake into your tomorrow box and get back to sleep.

The Filing Cabinet will enable you to put out of your mind longer term worries. I often use this technique with clients worrying about big issues in the future which they can't do anything about. Issues such as their health, job security and anxiety provoking events which are some way off. You can use The Filing Cabinet to get relief from anxiety about future events until nearer the time, or events which may or may not happen and you can't do anything about!

The Yesterday Box lets you put out of your mind troublesome memories, hurt and anger. One client, who was very angry with her mother, put her hurt and anger in a steel bound Yesterday Box, secured it with chains and dropped it to the bed of the Pacific Ocean. She was the able to get along better with her mum.

All three techniques, The Tomorrow Box, the Filing Cabinet, and the Yesterday Box have magical properties. They are much bigger on the inside than on the outside so it's not only worries you can put in there. You can put people, place and events in there, anything that it serves no purpose for you to be thinking about for the time being, or ever!